Perseverance: Castaway Chronicles introduces the first two episodes in a series of games. As each episode features unique characteristics and a different game feel, they are playable as standalone medium/heavy games but also as a continuous campaign, telling the story of a group of survivors building a strong society on a hostile island. The theme and story unfold through evolving game mechanisms across the episodes, also making the rules easier to learn. In the campaign mode, the outcome of each episode influences the next, but the game has no legacy elements and no hidden rules; the whole storyline is infinitely replayable.


Episode 1


Using the core mechanism of the entire series, you take Actions by drafting and placing Specialist dice from a pool. Some Specialists are better suited for certain Actions than others.


Whenever the dice pool runs out, an Assembly occurs. This periodic area majority mechanism scores Followers (the games’ victory points) for establishing a presence in the city’s districts with pieces in your player color. You can do this by building Settlements, placing your Leader, and converting Specialist dice to your player color.


The city and its forming society are developing under the guidance of the Officers’ Council. As an aspiring Leader, a good relationship with the Officers goes a long way and will reward you after the Assembly based on the strategies you’ve been pursuing.


Build Walls, set Traps, and rally Soldiers to defend against periodic Dinosaur attacks against the emerging city. Defense is often a joint effort, but players are rewarded individually based on their contribution. Be careful, though: failure will result in breaching Dinos, trampled Settlements, and lost Followers!

Episode 2


Includes base mechanics of Episode 1, such as the Dice Drafting and Dice Placement, Assembly, and Influence mechanics.


Assemble exploration parties, and venture beyond the walls of the established city! Undertake Adventures, capture Dinosaurs roaming the wild, and establish Outposts on the map hexes for even more die placement options.


Continue building relations with the Officers, and they will share their tricks to help you survive and thrive! With over 30 skills to choose from, Episode 2 offers very deep customization of your Leader and excellent replayability.

How to Play

Game Modes

Solo Mode

You’re striving to establish the path you and the other survivors will follow to secure your future on the island. However, a group of former crew members and passengers, known as the Dissenters, have their own ideas for what’s best for the survivors and plot to have their agenda be implemented… 

In the Solo Mode for Episodes 1&2, you are playing against the “Dissenters”, a group of people who are actively plotting against you, disrupting your strategy, making it difficult to organize the survivors, and even actively convincing your followers to turn their backs on you. 

Chronicle Mode

The standalone Episodes of Perseverance: Castaway Chronicles can be combined into a non-legacy 4-game campaign: the Chronicle mode.

In this game mode, you can earn thematic and powerful Chronicle cards through competing for various Achievements over the course of each game. Chronicle cards grant unique permanent or single-use benefits to further customize your play style, and their effects carry over to the next game, potentially affecting its entire setup.

The combination of the variable Achievements and Chronicle cards tells a different story in each  Chronicle mode playthrough, with overarching effects of your decisions, and no hidden rules for infinite replayability.


Perseverance Episode 1 Rulebook
Perseverance Episode 2 Rulebook
Perseverance Chronicle Mode Rulebook (for Episodes 1&2)
Perseverance Solo Mode Rulebook
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Perseverance: Castaway Chronicles (Deluxe)
Episode 1&2
Perseverance: Castaway Chronicles (Deluxe)
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