2024. February 01.

2023 has been an exciting and eventful year for us at Mindclash, and it was amazing to see our major projects that have been in the works for years (Voidfall, Septima and Perseverance) either wrapping up, or reaching major milestones. Now, with the extra bandwidth and new people on board, our team is ready for what’s next - and this article is all about that!

Besides the projects that we are actively working on, we always have dozens of ideas, game pitches, and designs on the backburner, in various stages of completion. Today, we would like to reveal three of those that made the cut as our upcoming games. Despite the working titles, some of these are further ahead than you might think! I’ll provide at least a small sneak peek into each of them, with more to be revealed over the coming months – you can follow their progress in our updated Upcoming Projects chart at the end of our monthly newsletters.
"Jump" (working title): Project Jump has been on the Upcoming Projects chart since last July, and we have made a lot of progress on it since, as we are building up to its 2024 Q4 campaign launch“Jump” is a game set in the Voidfall universe, but with a much more “zoomed in” perspective and a very different play style. We will be gradually sharing more info on this one, including some of the artwork that Ian O’Toole is working on, as we are getting closer to the official announcement date.

Voidfall expansion: We began working on a Voidfall expansion a few months ago and given how enthusiastic Nigel and David are about working on this game again, we have made a lot of progress already. We’ve been keeping an eye on community feedback, and I can already say that the expansion will be more than “just” additional content. We cannot wait to reveal more as we are getting closer to the estimated campaign date in 2025 Q1/Q2.

"Blaze" (working title)is our next Mindclash Play title, following Ironwood in 2025. It is a worker placement game at its core, with a complexity level roughly on par with Ironwood. The core of the design is already in place and is a ton of fun - we will continue to develop it throughout 2024.

"Whisper" (working title) is an upcoming core game, where we will combine the medium-heavy Euro genre with another. We’re aiming to break new ground with this one, and while we still have a lot of work ahead of us, I’m sure that the two designers working on it will not disappoint. I think you’ll agree once we reveal who they are! 😊

We are incredibly excited for what 2024 will bring, and we are very glad to have you along for the ride!