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2021. June 08.

Many of our most popular products are coming back to stock in both our North American and European webshops in January 2022. Besides the main products and gameplay accessories, you will also see a few brand new accessories pop up in the coming months (we’ll unveil what they are a little bit later)! We are also continuously working on expanding the list of destinations our webshop ships to, with a special attention to the United Kingdom.

Products coming back to stock:

ANACHRONY- Restock coming in January 2022

Anachrony - Essential Edition

Anachrony - Fractures of Time

Anachrony - Classic Expansion

Anachrony - Future Imperfect


Anachrony - Metal Cube Set (80 pcs)

Anachrony - Resin Energy Source Pack

Anachrony - Promo Pack

Anachrony - Big Box

TRICKERION - Restock coming in January 2022

Trickerion - Metal Coins

Trickerion Bundle