New Anachrony Product Line-up

Available in our webshop

2019. December 12.

Anachrony is changing its product structure, so if you are not familiar with it, let us walk you through our new retail portfolio for this epic time-travel worker placement game, which will be available in our webshop early next year. Here's what we'll have:

  • Anachrony Essential Edition: The core Anachrony experience - the 2-4 player base game with revamped character art.
  • Exosuit Miniature Set: Includes 4x6 large Exosuit miniatures for each Path. No gameplay-related content is included.
  • Classic Expansion Pack: Includes the Doomsday, the Pioneers of New Earth and the Guardians of the Council modules, along with the 6 Guardian Exosuit miniatures.

Please note that this product structure doesn't introduce any new content compared to the previous one - it merely breaks down the current content a bit more so that it can be mixed and matched better at a suitable price. The new products will also replace the Base Box and the Exosuit Commander Pack - these will not be available in retail anymore.

Besides these three products, the new expansions, Fractures of Time and Future Imperfect will also be available in retail after the Kickstarter fulfillment is fully completed. Fractures of Time will include:
  • The old and the new solo modes (Chronobot and Chronossus)
  • Brand new Path of Unity with 6 new Exosuit miniatures
  • New Leaders (even for the original Paths)
  • New type of workers
  • New main location
  • Innovative game mechanics

Future Imperfect will introduce three new modules: Hypersync, Quantum Loops and Intrigues of the Council, improving the time travel mechanism and player interaction.