Mindclash Games

Trickerion shipment delay in US/CAN

EU availability on track

2021. April 12.

Dear Trickerion Fans!

The US & Canadian Trickerion shipment - including Trickerion - Legends of Illusion, the Big Box, metal coins, and Dahlgaard’s Gifts expansion - has unfortunately been delayed in the USA by about 20 days. We’re very sorry about this unexpected delay, we know you’ve been looking forward to the availability of these products, so we hate to ask you to wait a little while longer. The new availability date will be announced hopefully in the next newsletter and once the games are actually at the warehouse - in hindsight, we should have waited for their arrival the first time around, and we will do so in the future - but we’re doing our best to get the games ready to ship by early May. Thank you very much for your kind understanding.

This delay does not affect the European launch date of these products (04.13// 19.00 CEST)