Standalone Solo Mode and Storybook for Astra

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2023. January 31.

Gather around, astronomers! I will tell you the story of the very beginning of our world…

Last September we kicked off our new sub-brand, Mindclash Play with its first title, Astra. After a successful pre-order period and a 5-star debut in Essen, we still have surprises lined up for those who want to delve into the mysteries of the night sky.

Astra doesn't include a solo mode by default, but the legendary duo of Dávid Turczi and John Albertson has been working on a purely PnP implementation that we are now happy to present to you. There are no additional components needed - just download the rules from the link below and start exploring the night sky by yourself!

And if you are curious about the story of the game and the magical story of the constellations on the cards, you can read the Myths of the Night Sky storybook here.