Play Anachrony Chess Today!

A new print-and-play game for Anachrony owners

2021. February 25.

Ever since The Queen’s Gambit came out on Netflix last year, the idea of a chess & Anachrony hybrid game has been in the making, and today we’re thrilled to finally share this variant with you! It combines the classic rules of chess and basic mechanics from Anachrony, resulting in - well, the chess of the future! 

Anachrony Chess is an abstract, chess-style, two-player strategy game that tells the story of one Path’s conquest of another in an alternate universe, where the Paths are at war. This game is available to play for every Anachrony owner, as it uses solely Anachrony and print-and-play components. 

Just like in chess, your goal is to capture your opponent’s “King,” which in this game is represented by the Player banner—in other words, the Path’s “Flag.”

In this chess variant, the playing pieces will be your Exosuits, and the Workers you use to operate them will determine how they behave. What do you need for the next move? A Knight, a Rook, a Bishop, or maybe a Queen? Recruit the respective Worker from the Market for your chosen Exosuit with a bonus resource (like a Water or Energy core), and make your move!

Keep in mind that Workers are removed from used Exosuits after they move, so you’ll have to recruit new ones to operate them—unless, of course, you pay a Water to motivate the Worker to stay. If you have an empty Exosuit in danger or would like to move an Exosuit like a Pawn, you’ll find Energy cores are quite useful as well.