Setting – Voidborn

The Voidborn

The Voidborn is an ancient cosmic being that exists in the endless void between the dimensions. It has the ability to cast its mind through the entire universe, operating as a single consciousness with separate parts able to act autonomously as long as they are still connected to the greater body. The scattered elements of the Voidborn manifest as a formless parasitic matter that moves from organism to organism, grows, and spreads. It starts with small, microscopic lifeforms but grows exponentially until it encompasses and consumes entire planets.

Since the birth of the universe, the Voidborn has devoured countless civilizations and galactic empires, absorbing all their knowledge. When the parasitic projection of its consciousness finds a new intelligent species, the Voidborn plants itself in their minds. Then it starts to influence and boost their evolution by transmitting knowledge to their subconscious as inspiration and ideas, only to help them expand to a size suitable to the entity’s hunger. As soon as the infected civilization reaches the desired size, the Voidborn emerges from the deep void to reap what it has sown.