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Voidfall Compendium


The Domineum

Centuries ago in a distant part of the universe, the Voidborn found a planet with a nascent human civilization and planted itself in the minds of its greatest leaders, thinkers and scientists who later formed the royal House of Novarchon. Through the parasites connected to their subconscious, they were inspired and gained knowledge which helped them start a greatly escalated period of intensive scientific and technological advancements, all guided by the insidious will of the Voidborn.

The civilization thrived and expanded into the stars, forming the interplanetary empire called the Domineum. For centuries, the Novarchs have ruled with an iron fist over the feudalistic galactic empire of humankind. During this time, they brought stunning technological innovation and scientific advancements to their domain.

While the Domineum prospered and advanced, the Voidborn waited and whispered into the minds of the Novarchs. When the empire had grown to a size suitable to the Voidborn’s hunger, it tore a hole in the fabric of reality, opening rifts to the Domineum’s dimension. This defining event is simply referred to as the Voidfall.

With the Voidborn coming, its corruption intensified and manifested in an organic infestation spread across those whose minds were infected. It didn’t only alter and take control over their body, but also spread and manipulated whatever energy source it could find: machines, buildings, spaceships. The core of the empire became fatally contaminated and the corrupted forces of House Novarchon, now controlled by the Voidborn, turned against the rest of  humankind and the Domineum.

The Great Houses of Domineum

The old Domineum used to be a feudal, aristocratic system with the Supreme Novarch at the head of power. The Supreme Novarch was always a member of the royal House of Novarchon, who were the descendants of the founders of the Domineum, the Novarchs.

In time the Domineum started to expand, and new Houses arose to explore distant parts of the galaxy and take control over them on behalf of the Supreme Novarch. After the newly formed Great Houses managed to adapt their way of life to the extraordinary circumstances of these remote worlds, they gained the right to govern their own domains. They developed their own culture, their own economy, even their own military forces, all while obeying the fundamental laws of the Domineum, set by the Supreme Novarch. 

While House Novarchon remained at the core of the empire as the inner circle of political and religious power, the Great Houses became the pioneers of the outer worlds. For this reason, the Great Houses became quite different in many aspects from each other. Every citizen of the Domineum is human, but due to the Great Houses’ different directions of development, many people in the outer sectors live with mutations, augmentations, implants or other effects of evolution.

When the Voidborn arrived at the Domineum, House Novarchon, along with their many followers from the inner worlds, accepted the false promise echoing in their minds and embraced the manifesting corruption. The Novarchs, once glorious leaders of a once glorious empire became the Harbingers of the Voidborn and laid waste on their own creations while leading their corrupted forces into a war with the Great Houses.

The Voidborn

The Voidborn is an ancient cosmic being that exists in the endless void between the dimensions. It has the ability to cast its mind through the entire universe, operating as a single consciousness with separate parts able to act autonomously as long as they are still connected to the greater body. The scattered elements of the Voidborn manifest as a formless parasitic matter that moves from organism to organism, grows, and spreads. It starts with small, microscopic lifeforms but grows exponentially until it encompasses and consumes entire planets.

Since the birth of the universe, the Voidborn has devoured countless civilizations and galactic empires, absorbing all their knowledge. When the parasitic projection of its consciousness finds a new intelligent species, the Voidborn plants itself in their minds. Then it starts to influence and boost their evolution by transmitting knowledge to their subconscious as inspiration and ideas, only to help them expand to a size suitable to the entity’s hunger. As soon as the infected civilization reaches the desired size, the Voidborn emerges from the deep void to reap what it has sown.