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The tale of Dahlgaard the Magnificent is entwined with Magoria, a sleepy town at the dawn of the Industrial Revolution. Even as Dahlgaard first showed up on its cobblestone streets as a penniless youngster performing closeup magic, there was something about his incredible tricks that left his audience breathless. In just a few years, his almost unnatural talent far exceeded that of the greatest illusionists of his time, and he would become known as Dahlgaard the Magnificent – a living legend.

After years of traveling the world with his performances, Dahlgaard returned to Magoria, bringing glory and prosperity to his hometown. He donated a fortune to various construction projects, including the Grand Magorian and Magnus Pantheon theaters, turning Magoria into the Capital of Illusion. The town council honored Dahlgaard with a statue downtown that depicted him with his lucky charm: an amber-shaded stone that he claimed to have had since the beginning. Dahlgaard wanted Magoria to witness the culmination of his life’s work: a grandiose performance in the Magnus Pantheon, ending in a breathtaking disappearing act that had him vanish without a trace – seemingly forever.

Forty years have passed since. One night, Magoria’s four most talented rival magicians received a mysterious invitation that led them to the Magnus Pantheon. There, they met no other than the living embodiment of the magician’s statue downtown: Dahlgaard himself. He revealed to them his greatest secret, kept hidden for decades: his childhood discovery of a glowing amber crystal on a stone pedestal in an underground cave, which he named Trickerion. The stone slowly changed him and granted him almost supernatural luck, speed and dexterity, leading him to become the greatest magician of his time. Dahlgaard then revealed that the small, radiant fragment enclosed in their invitation was indeed a piece of the Trickerion stone, which he had shattered to invite the magicians for a final competition. The winner would take on Dahlgaard’s legacy to restore Magoria’s former glory, receiving his entire fortune and the remaining pieces of the Trickerion stone.

Thus began the tale of Trickerion, and the competition that ensued will challenge – and change –  the magicians in ways they never imagined.


Dahlgaard’s Academy


After seven weeks of magic and wonder, the grandiose contest for Dahlgaard’s heritage came to its conclusion. As a closure of the contest and the ceremonious initiation of his new Heir, Dahlgaard announced something truly spectacular: one last night of magic when he himself will be performing.

As the momentous night was nearing its end, standing in the bright column of theater lights, Dahlgaard asked his Heir to assist him in his final act. Strands of the master’s hair turned silver by the second, his apt hands began to shake, his frame became frail, his melodious voice rasp. Then, in an explosion of amber light, the Heir opened his palm and there it was: the Trickerion Stone, whole and intact like on the day it was found.

“You are its owner now, and with it, I entrust to you our legacy of wonder. Let it be heard in all Magoria: I, Dahlgaard the Magnificent, leave the Trickerion Stone to my Heir and my old manor to the magician community. Let it become an Academy, a place where masters of our craft can gather and teach the future generations. Let my legacy stand eternal and let illusion and marvel never vanish from memory.”

With that, the legend gave his Heir a grateful smile, bowed to the audience, and his form began to turn to dust, like a figure formed of dry clay. Sudden darkness engulfed the theater, and for a brief moment, time froze in place. When the lights came back, Dahlgaard the Magnificent was gone, leaving only a faint trace of dust behind.

As Magoria slowly moved on, word of the Academy initiative spread quickly. Soon, eager students flocked to the peculiar building, celebrated illusionists volunteered as teachers, and the renovation works started. To everyone’s amazement, the ancient manor held many hidden rooms and signs only visible to a magician’s eye: once uncovered, these could lead a lucky few to some of Dahlgaard’s most prized secrets.

As time went by, it became obvious that the Academy will need a senior leader. Dahlgaard’s Heir knew there was only one way to settle this question to the satisfaction of both magicians and laymen: a contest of skill and show. Thus, the city’s senior magicians compete once again, and whoever emerges victorious shall become Rector Magnificus of the wonderful and enigmatic Academy.