Plan your Actions with a semi-coop twist

Septima uses a snappy card-driven action system where players plan their actions simultaneously each round. You may choose to play it safe on your own, or temporarily work with other players or even the Septima, choosing the same action as they do.  

Manage suspicion and avoid the Hunters

Acting together grants a powerful bonus effect, but such direct displays of witchcraft also raise suspicion and attract Hunters. This creates a world that constantly reacts to you, where powerful moves are both tempting and dangerous. There are plenty of tools at your disposal to mitigate suspicion – how much you are willing to risk for the sake of power is entirely up to you.

Manipulate the Trials to expand your coven

As you use your magic to heal, recruit and charm the townsfolk, you will gain loyal supporters to swing the Trials in your favor. Saving an accused Witch from exile is a great way to grow your Coven and gain new permanent abilities. Even members of rival players’ Covens can be put to trial by the Hunters – and if you save them, they will join you instead!