Expansions & Game Modes


Let the High Witch guide you on your path with the Omen Expansion. Based on your collective Suspicion level, your power enhances or dwindles, so make your decisions carefully.
The expansion adds a set of Omen cards that overwrite certain rules every turn: if you play too risky, a certain element of the game gets more difficult to everyone. But if you keep Suspicion low, the prophecy guides you towards a better path, and your abilities get more efficient.


Shapeshifting is one of the more advanced techniques that a Coven Leader masters; it gives them greater flexibility when trying to avoid Suspicion. Transform into a unique Animal form, and reap the benefits of your specialized action without drawing the attention of Hunters.
You need to plan your actions wisely in this game mode: you only get your Action Cards back after returning to your human form.

Solo Mode

Play against the Black Widow, a solo opponent using twisted versions of the Action cards. She will attempt to drain Wisdom from you with each of her actions, and wins the game if it drops below zero. The Black Widow has several difficulty settings, a very streamlined ruleset, and an extremely low upkeep. In this game mode you not only have to evade the Hunters, but the Black Widow’s spiders are also out to catch you in their webs.