Setting – Perseverance


The Pearl of the Seas, one of the world’s largest luxury ocean cruisers, left Fort Lauderdale on July 3rd, 2020 to take its 1864 passengers on a pleasure voyage in a journey across the Caribbean Sea. On the fourth night, the ship was caught in a mysterious lightning storm that killed all electronics and made the ocean cruiser run aground on an unknown, unexplored island. With the communication and navigation system down and the constellations on the night sky unrecognizable, it soon became clear that there was no way to leave the island and that no help would ever come to rescue the survivors.

After the first wave of shock subsided, the chief officers of the ship took control, and with the help of a few self-appointed leaders, they took the first measures to organize the frightened crowd into a functioning society. Then, seeing no other option, the survivors started to settle down on the shore, using materials from the island and resources from the ship to lay the foundations of a habitable, self-preserving city. However, the island that looked like paradise at first glance didn’t welcome outsiders: the constructions were constantly disturbed by exotic dinosaurs that no scientific book had ever mentioned.

To keep away the dinosaurs and the many dangers the island had yet to reveal, a wide and strong wall was raised to protect the camps and settlements that soon became the city of Perseverance. As more and more survivors left their shelter on the fatally damaged ship, the city became more and more populated and alive, forming the four main community areas: the sustenance zone, the military zone, the expansion zone, and the protection zone.

Once the city was secure and met all the basic needs, scouting parties ventured beyond the walls to explore the wilderness surrounding the city. As the once frightened, shipwrecked passengers became stalwart survivors, they learned how to adapt to the island’s hard circumstances and take advantage of them. They not only discovered the beneficial effects of the local fruits but also observed the dinosaurs to learn how to tame them and live with them together.

Though the survivors of Perseverance managed to build their own city and society on a mysterious, hostile island, plenty of secrets are still to be uncovered by them. Perhaps the ancient temples the scouting parties reported about will reveal more…