A two-tiered worker placement system

Anachrony’s worker management system features four different types of Workers, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Some action spaces are available to them by default while others are only accessible with a special form of enhancement and protection – the Exosuits. Workers and Exosuits are managed separately, and both are required for each Path’s success.

Resource Management through Time

At the beginning of each Era, players are able to request resources from their own future to boost their progress. In later Eras, by powering up Time Rifts, they can send resources back in order to close the loop. However, by choosing not to do so, players take the risk of gaining temporal anomalies and the negative side effects that come with them.

Expand, prepare, and survive a cataclysm

Anachrony’s gameplay features a strong story arc with a game-altering turning point – an asteroid impact. This event will alter the available Actions, open up new ones, and initiate the countdown to the game’s end. With careful planning and preparation, players can even take advantage of the Impact’s effects.