Paths – Fractures of Time

Path of Unity – Aurora

Aurora, the sublime, hovering capital of the Path of Unity, is futuristic not only in its looks but also in its nature. As the first Time Rifts opened, the very foundations of the city were sent back from the distant future by the Path of Unity itself. Along with the city came the Path’s finest few, trained for the sole purpose of uniting the people of New Earth under the flag of Unity.

Aurora is surrounded by the violet haze emited by Flux, a substance they use in almost every industry, including transportation, medicine, fashion and, architecture. Their tall, ornate buildings mimic nature in their form and lack any sort of gates or doors, symbolizing the welcoming and accepting spirit of the Path of Unity. As a result of the Flux which they consumed in the future for various dietary benefits, the citizens of Aurora are all white-haired and pale-skinned with glowing purple eyes.