Expansions & Modules

Fractures of Time

Fractures of Time introduces a new playable faction, the Path of Unity; a new location with new Action spaces; a new type of worker, the Operator; and a brand-new, gameplay-altering feature: the Blinking mechanism. 

Fractures of Time also includes two solo modes, an improved version of the Chronobot for the base game, and the Chronossus, which is compatible with almost every expansion and module.

Future Imperfect

Future Imperfect is a modular expansion to Anachrony, introducing four new gameplay modules:

Neutronide Buildings: offers a set of 4 new buildings that become increasingly effective the more Power Plants you have.


Playing the Doomsday module, players can truly take humanity’s fate into their own hands. By conducting various Experiments, they can actively influence the time of the Impact or even completely avoid it. However, it’s not beneficial for all Paths to save Earth; others see the cataclysm as a way to overcome their rival Paths and aim to force it to happen sooner.

Pioneers of New Earth

As the Paths developed new methods to improve their Exosuit models, even the most hazardous areas of the Outback became reachable, granting access to a vast amount of salvageable materials, forgotten relics of the Old World, and, of course, new dangers to face.

Guardians of the Council

When the Time Rifts opened up once again, an army of gigantic, self-propelled Exosuits slowly marched through it. The Guardians, as it turned out, were the parting gift of a dying World Council from an alternate future, where the impact resulted in a fatal catastrophe. They left behind their doomed world to help us save ours.