Game Submission

    We’re always looking for original ideas from aspiring game designers! If your design fits the following criteria and you’re looking for a publisher, we'd love to hear from you!

    • Medium/ medium heavy design with lots of meaningful decisions and a sense of progression
    • Plays with at least 2 players - solo mode and/or 5-6 player support is a plus but not a requirement
    • Play time of 90-150 minutes
    • Competitive but no take-that as central mechanism
    • Finished and fully playable with a clear and thorough rulebook
    • Polished and playtested with several different gaming groups
    • Unique in theme or mechanisms, preferably both
    • Minimal player downtime
    • Flexibility in design and product concept

    Please send us the following:

    • 1 page sellsheet
    • Rulebook with visual explonations
    • Runthrough video where you explain the game on a prototype