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2020. November 18.

This week, from Wednesday to Sunday we're setting up our digital booth at BGG@Home! The virtual event is free for all BGG.CON badge-holders or anyone hosting a game, but if you don't want to participate, you are of course welcome to spectate at any of our tables! Our dream demo team will be teaching Perseverance Episodes 1&2 for five days starting from today, and on Sunday, and we'll close the event with the Mindclash Quiz Show, where you'll have the chance to win a Perseverance Deluxe copy worth $150!


You can book your place here! Each demo will be 90 minutes long and run on Tabletop Simulator. Our demo team will meet players on the event's official Discord server about 5-10 minutes before the session, so please make sure you join the #mindclash-games-text channel beforehand. If you only want to spectate, check in on our booth around the demo times, and look for the live button next to our demo team members' names!

Quiz Show

The Mindclash Quiz Show will be held on November 22, Sunday at 2 pm CST (GMT-6) / 21:00 CET (GMT+1) on the official Mindclash Games Discord server (this is our own server, different from the official BGG@Home Discord). All you need to do is join the QuizShow channel a few minutes before the start and our hosts will explain the rest! Questions will be about board games in general and the first prize is a Deluxe Perseverance pledge worth $150, while we'll reward the second and third place with $50 and $25 worth of credit in Perseverance PM respectively!