Orders are usually dispatched in 3-5 business days and delivered in another 3-7 business days depending on location. Orders going to Canada can take a little bit longer to arrive, adding approximately 3-5 business days to the estimation above as these orders are fulfilled from the US fulfillment centre. Please note that Canadian order tracking takes longer to update because tracking only becomes active once the parcel arrives to the destination country. This means that FedEx tracking will show a pending delivery date until the parcel is scanned in Canada.

In case you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected]!

We work with DHL and FedEx in most of Europe, with inPost in Poland and USPS, Fedex and UPS in the US & Canada.

The Mindclash Games Webshop Europe currently only ships to European Union countries, the United Kingdom, Norway and Switzerland, Mindclash Games Webshop US&CAN ships to the USA and Canada, and Mindclash Games Webshop AUS/NZ ships to Australia and New Zealand. You can also order our games through Amazon in the US. We are continuously looking for ways to make worldwide shipping possible from our webshop. Thank you for bearing with us!

If you order from Norway, Switzerland, the United Kingdom or the Canary Islands, you may have to pay additional customs duties and/or taxes upon delivery. The amount of customs duty and VAT to be paid will be assessed at the point of entry of the destination country. If you order from any other country that we ship to, you won’t have to pay additional customs or VAT.

Our webshop sends out tracking numbers as soon as our shipping partners have generated them for any specific order. In certain cases it can take a business day or two for the carrier to update the package on their end. For orders to Canada this is especially prevalent as the package must ship out of the US before the tracking updates, adding 2-3 business days to the estimated shipping time. If you don’t receive a tracking number within a week of placing the order, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]