Voidfall Spotlight #6

Kickstarter launch on September 28 & First look at the prototype

2021. August 26.

Today’s spotlight is a somewhat unconventional one as we are taking a brief break from exploring the different mechanisms of the game and instead, we are taking a look at the very first prototype of Voidfall! We are also extremely happy to announce the game’s official Kickstarter launch date: the epic struggle to rule the galaxy and purge it from the Voidborn’s corruption will begin on September 28, 2021! Make sure to hit the subscribe button on Kickstarter, so you’re notified on launch day:

Before we jump in, we wanted to say a huge thanks again for your enthusiasm, comments and questions under these weekly design spotlights - they have helped us to prepare for the Kickstarter and finetune the game a lot during these last few weeks! One of the most important features you commented on after the first entry was the color scheme and UI on the hexes, which we’ve been discussing with Ian O’Toole since the launch of these weekly posts. It’s quite difficult to judge the usability and color of such an integral part of the game without having seen it in real life, so we actually decided to wait for the prototypes to get here with the purple color scheme and UI so we could test it. It was a very valuable and satisfying experience because it proved two things - after countless digital playtests, the game works wonderfully with real-life components (*phew*), and the table presence is amazing. Nonetheless, your comments about the hexes stuck, so we decided that it was worth dedicating a bit more time to them in order to make the map feel more galaxy-like and strengthen the 4X feel. So, Ian O’Toole created these new hex designs for Voidfall, which we believe are more on brand with the game! They were also tried and tested in reality and they work just as well, if not better than the previous version.

Please kindly note that the color and quality of the components are also subject to change as they aren’t factory samples - colorblind friendliness and usability are the two of the most important features we’re keeping in mind for the sampling of these components!

In roughly a month, you will be able to see how Voidfall plays and discover what surprises we have in store for the Kickstarter campaign! Don’t forget to mark September 28th in your calendars, or simply click the notify me button on our pre-launch page and Kickstarter will do it for you! 

Voidfall Kickstarter page

Next week, we will be returning to our regularly scheduled programming and the designers will discuss eXterminate in Voidfall and take a look at different maps and aggression levels in the game!