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Get Cerebria - The Inside World and its expansion Forces of Balance with 15% off!

2021. April 28.

Since last year, we've been on a mission to get Cerebria copies worldwide off of the shelves of opportunity and onto tables. This year, we'd like to fulfill this goal in collaboration with Dized, a web and app-based platform designed to help teach tabletop games. Dized teaches the game step-by-step so it's like having a friend at your table who already knows Cerebria inside out. So if you're not a fan of learning board games from the rulebook, this app is definitely for you. 

The official Dized tutorial for Cerebria is launching on May 11th. Celebrating this occasion, you can now order both the Cerebria base game and its expansion Forces of Balance from our webshop with a 15% discount! This limited offer is available between today and June 8.

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