Trickerion – Magicians #7

2023. March 27.

Master of Chains


Escaping has always been in Frederic White’s blood. In fact, he never spent much time at the orphanage where he was raised. Once he was old enough to stay on the streets without getting caught, he joined the local mob as a courier - but he quickly learned what it’s like to mingle with the wrong crowd. One winter night, he saw something he wasn’t supposed to, so the mob took care of him: they tied him up and threw him into the icy river with a block of concrete attached to his legs...

With incredible effort and on the verge of drowning, he broke free of his fetter and reached the water's surface. To his great fortune, a burned-out street magician, who planned to drown himself in the river that day, witnessed the scene from the riverside and helped the poor boy climb out of the freezing water. Saving the youngster gave him a new meaning in life, and he offered him a job as his apprentice. Frederic quickly learned the profession of illusionists; he mastered the techniques of escaping any restraint, be it chains, padlocks, straitjackets or a coffin. Soon, he became the Master of Chains, the incredible escape artist, the world knows him as today.

Breaking free from seemingly impossible situations is the Master's specialty. With his ability, he can freely sneak one of his tricks in another performance into the last minute before performing.