Trickerion – Magicians #6

2023. March 27.

The Gentleman


Jay Mac Shonzo, or "The Gentleman” as you may know him today, has always been an inscrutable type; you could never know what he was really up to. Ever since he ran away from home as a wayward teenager, he used that ability very well to fool people - first, as an extremely talented card-sharper. He earned good money in various forms of gambling, only to spend it right away on his impetuous lifestyle. Living a dream life built on other people's misery, he traveled around the country to avoid suspicion. 

His journey in the world of fraud ended the day when a tradesman lost all his wealth to him on a bet and committed suicide in desperation, leaving his wife and two children behind. Jay’s perfect world fell apart in the blink of an eye, and only guilt remained. He realized that, all his life, he left nothing but misery and sorrow in his wake. In an attempt to redeem himself, he decided to change his ways by giving people joy and happiness. As a talented card-sharper, it wasn't hard for him to master the tricks of close-up magic, and he used them every day to give people a good time, wherever he went. It wasn't long until a manager discovered him and offered a contract to perform in the theaters of Magoria as "The Gentleman."

The Gentleman has countless small tricks up his sleeve, and he loves to perform them on the go, just to amaze the people around. This increases his fame little by little even when he is not performing on the stage.