Trickerion – Magician #4

2023. March 27.



Even as a child, Eleanor has always been a little... eccentric. She never cared much about dolls, games, or the company of others. There was but one thing that could excite the moody and silent girl: thunderstorms. When others hid behind locked doors and windows, she watched the raging storm without the slightest fear, fascinated by its sheer power. Her habit of "storm hunting” lasted until adulthood, and she became obsessed with harnessing the unspeakable power of lightning. 

She dedicated her life to the research of the emerging, unexplored concept of electricity, as she was convinced that with it, she can bend the power of lightning to her will. The people of Magoria both feared and admired her obsession, and as she learned to both control and tame the power at her disposal, she realized that she can turn the admiration into fame. Electricity was nothing short of magic at the time, and in Magoria, good magicians have an easy way to success. While many illusionists in the city were more dexterously skilled, Electra’s lightning-enhanced performances were unmatched spectacles that left the audience breathless.

With the power of electricity, Electra can supercharge her tricks, increasing their Fame and Coin yield at the cost of some extra maintenance.