Trickerion – Magician #3

2023. March 27.

The Mechaniker


Gerhard von Liebenstein inherited a love for machines from his father, a rich nobleman from Germania and an iconic person of the country’s industrial revolution. The Liebenstein family manufactured state-of-the-art industrial equipment for the largest corporations in peacetime, and deadly war machines in wartime. The proud Liebensteins also played their part in shaping the history of Germania; while his brothers prevailed, however, Gerhard lost his left arm in an explosion during the final battle and was discharged from the military.

Fueled by anger and denial, he spent years working obsessively on a mechanical prosthesis that could replace his missing arm, and he eventually succeeded. This incredible accomplishment quickly earned Gerhard a place among the greatest inventors of his time, but his ambition was limitless. He kept building intricate machines and honing his mechanical skills. But soon, knowledge was not enough. He wanted prestige, too, so the idea of a stage show was born. Keeping his Germanian identity, he started performing his scientific magic as "The Mechaniker” – something the world has never seen before.

Thanks to his incredible knowledge of state-of-the-art machinery, he, as the Mechaniker, has several inventions to enhance his Apprentices as well.