Trickerion – Magician #2

2023. March 27.

Yoruba the spiritmaster


Few Magorians know the true tale of the Spiritmaster, the city’s most renowned mentalist. He is of royal blood, the prince of a mysterious country in the Far South. His father was a good man but a weak king, merely a puppet of the country’s corrupt Advisor Council. Things started to change, however, as the young prince gradually discovered his gift: the ability to influence the thoughts and actions of others. 

By using his powers to influence his father, Yoruba was able to reign in the Council's tyranny for months, but his actions were eventually discovered. Barely escaping an assassination attempt, he fled the country. After a long journey, he settled in Magoria, where he could put his mentalist skills to good use. Now, as much as he likes to amaze and entertain, his true goal is to gain enough fortune, fame, and influence to eventually return to his homeland and claim the throne that’s rightfully his.

Other magicians envy the Spiritmaster for always getting the perfect time slots for his performances, but with mind control powers, negotiating with theater directors is much easier than one would think...