Trickerion – Academy Magicians #3

2023. March 27.

Lumenia the Radiant


Ordinary folks know Lumenia as the ethereal Goddess of Light, the Child of Brilliance, and not entirely from this world. This hearsay is only reinforced by the fact that no one has ever seen her outside of the stage - she always disappears at the end of her show in a radiant column of light. The Magorian Soothsayer - one of the least reliable papers in Magoria - published an article in which an anonymous young man, claiming to be a former suitor, shared some revolting secrets about Lumenia.

According to this source, the Lady of Light is Lucille Hammond, the young daughter of an honorable nobleman, who allegedly run away years ago with some circus performers. After leaving the empty life of aristocrats behind, she became fascinated with the radiant world of illusions. The young lady was bewitched by the tales of fairies and fantasy since early childhood, so it is no wonder that she drew inspiration from these creatures to create her own stage persona. Her breathtaking shows of brightness and brilliance became her trademark, dazzling the spectators with a seemingly endless symphony of flashes and rays. Thus, the Lady of Light achieved great fame in all of Magoria and beyond.

Lumenia’s performances usually have a theme, telling the story of a fairy tale or some other fantastic adventure. She is extremely apt in chaining her show elements together in the most glamorous ways, keeping her audience in constant thrill and amazement. People love to return to her performances to be spirited away into an arcadian tale of her weaving.