Trickerion – Academy Magicians #1

2023. March 27.



Being the youngest daughter of rich Indian nobles, Anjali accompanied her parents to one of their many journeys to the West, but alas, she got lost in the swirling mass of people during a visit to a busy market. Since she was too small to remember where they lived and couldn't speak the local language, she never found her family again. Over the years, she forgot her lineage and life as a noble girl and became part of a gang of pickpockets and thieves. 

She had unmatched dexterity and sleight of hand, but while others were out to get jewels and money, she learned that stealing others' secrets often had much more value. One day, a stage magician piqued her interest during a performance and she decided to join him. Studying his tricks one by one, she slowly realized that a lifestyle of glamour and limelight was much more suitable for her - maybe a remnant of her childhood self - and that learning the secrets of magicians is just as valuable, if not more so, than those of ordinary people. Eventually, she left the lowly magician behind and started to build her own show based on her mysterious heritage. 

Anjali is the Keeper of Arcane Wisdom. Her knowledge, gained sometimes overnight during her lone meditation, cannot be of this world. However, it is possible that the occasional night-time visits to Dahlgaard’s library are the source of her mysterious wisdom...