Perseverance – Dinosaurs – Shildhead

2023. March 27.


The Shieldheads are a large, powerful species, that generally lives in canyons and is always in search for berries, their favorite kind of food. Though they are herbivores, they can be very dangerous, too. Beside their huge size, their skull is almost unbreakable, and they tend to use their head as a flail. And if that wasn’t enough, most of their body is covered with thick, armor-like skin. Being mostly solitary creatures, they come together only to mate and then stick together solely for the duration of raising their pups. Once the little Shieldheads’ armor skin is fully grown, they all separate from each other. Though they live most of their lives alone, there are places on the island where the elder Shieldheads go to connect with their species and lay down for the very last time.