Perseverance – Characters – Jack

2023. March 27.


The child of a Canadian family with roots in Hong Kong, Jack was a rebellious teen who despised his parents for moving the family away from Asia and its mysterious magician scene. Being obsessed with the profession, he started to create his own tricks and illusions and finally put together a two-hour-long performance that centered around fire.

In 2009, he lost the World Championship in Beijing to Soma Hajnóczy, making a mistake in the final round. This was the pinnacle of his magician career, and the defeat made him stop competing. For a long time, though, he was able to market himself as a silver medalist and built a beautiful magical career. Traveling the world alone, he often felt lonely and wanted to cure his solitude with the company of Lady Luck, but she ruthlessly turned her back on him—he spent his hard-earned money in smoky casinos and accumulated serious debts, while his gigs became fewer and fewer.

Eventually, he went to therapy to treat his gambling addiction. It was around this time that he reluctantly took the cruise ship magician position on the Pearl. At the suggestion of his therapist, his contract specifically included that he could not set foot in the huge casino on the ocean cruiser.