Perseverance – Character – Phoenix

2023. March 27.


Helping out in her dad’s auto repair shop as a teen, little Phoebe gained a lot of engineering experience tinkering with the computer and electronic system of cars. She was fascinated by all things tech and quickly realized that she can further develop her skills in the virtual world. 

Years later, she took part in a dangerous, fully underworld-funded cyberattack, gaining her the now infamous name, Phoenix. Her reputation spread fast and wide, and she was soon contacted by a major record label and was offered a position as a security hacker. Her job was to fix the weaknesses of their network by trying to breach it and “steal” unreleased singles and albums.

Because of her work, she started to experiment with making music and participated in the night life more and more, becoming a familiar face in the Berlin underground scene. She even took occasional gigs, helping out as a technician and a sound engineer. Though she really loved what she did, she couldn't resist her daring, adventurous side, and one night, when the club’s manager introduced her to the cruise director of the Pearl of the Seas, she agreed to the director's offer to join the ship's technician crew without hesitation.