Perseverance – Character – Keoni

2023. March 27.


Keoni lived in Hawaii all his life and had no plans to leave his beloved birthplace anytime soon. Working as a surf instructor by day and bouncer by night at the Hot Lava Beach & Night Club, he was a familiar face in Honolulu and known as a cool, friendly guy who could also stop a party from getting out of hand.

One incident, however, changed everything: the day Keoni’s love left him, a bachelor party was becoming unmanageable at the club under Keoni's watch, and the otherwise always-professional bouncer went too far and accidentally broke the groom’s nose while “escorting” them outside. No charges were pressed against him, but Keoni eventually lost his job.

Filled with remorse and fearing to face the person he briefly became that night, he decided to leave for Florida, where he soon found a job as gym manager and personal trainer on an ocean cruiser. Before even realizing it, he was celebrating his third year working on the Swimming Atlantic, so when he was offered a position on a brand new, state-of-the-art ship called the Pearl of the Seas and a festival ticket to the most exclusive party of the world, he didn’t think twice about it.