Anachrony – Path of Salvation – The Purgatory

2023. March 27.

Path of Salvation
- The Purgatory

Today, the breathtaking, underground realm of the Path of Salvation is called Purgatory: a vast network of halls, tunnels, and caverns that sprawls deep beneath the surface. The huge subterranean halls are dimly lit with sunlight, which is channeled in through grooves hollowed in the rocks. These grooves are filled with diamonds and other kinds of precious gems – perfect materials for transmitting light, being devoid of any financial value in the new world. The subterranean city gives the mixed impression of a medieval settlement equipped with modern technology. Power and hot water are supplied by geothermal plants deep below the cityscape, circulated through the Purgatory in a massive pipeline network. Living underground for generations made the denizens of the Purgatory adapt to the harsh circumstances – they are pale and short in stature but incredibly strong and tough. Over the decades, their sight gradually weakened by the dimly lit environment, but their hearing and smelling became much better than that of the surface dwellers.