Anachrony – Path of Progress – The Apex

2023. March 27.

Path of Progress
- The Apex

If the Apex of Humanity – the sprawling, hovering capital of the Path of Progress – had to be described with one phrase, it would be "Venice of the Skies." The city’s architects carefully preserved the Byzantine, Baroque, Gothic, and Renaissance styles of the original, now submerged Italian city. However, at every corner, classical architecture is entwined with state-of-the-art technology, showcasing that the Path of Progress is second to none in scientific advancement. They also preserved humanity’s thirst for culture; with many galleries, cafés, museums, and theaters, the Apex is home to a new renaissance in art, poetry, and film. The city’s beautiful buildings are connected by the Cloudways, a high-speed transport network where Sky Gondolas are the most common form of transportation.