Anachrony – Path of Harmony – Wellspring

2023. March 27.

Path of Harmony
- Wellspring

A lush oasis in the dry wasteland of New Earth, Wellspring is shielded by a volcanic mountain range that allowed some extremely tough plants to survive the cataclysm and flourish on for decades. This growth was centered at a mysterious spring, giving life to a wide range of strange new species of plants. The most important of these species is the Talma, the Path of Harmony’s symbolic and mysterious clambering plant that grows upon the gigantic trellis dome raised above the city, creating an effective natural protection against the harsh outside weather conditions and the toxic atmosphere. It took decades for the settlers of Wellspring to establish the safe haven that it is today but what they created truly resembles a paradise on Earth - people living in perfect balance with themselves and the surrounding nature, respecting other lifeforms just as much as their own.