Anachrony – Path of Dominance – The Atlantean

2023. March 27.

Path of Dominance
- The Atlantean

At the time of the Day of Purgation 300 years ago, the Atlantean, now home to the Path of Dominance, was a state-of-the-art military vessel used to evacuate doomed cities and transport the greatest minds of humanity to relative safety. However, it quickly became the only safe place for the crew and the passengers to survive - powered by solar panels and packed with supplies, food, and a prototype water purification system, the Atlantean was equipped with everything needed to go on almost indefinitely without docking. In the following decades, the Atlantean grew from a simple battlecruiser to a gargantuan floating city that retained some ship-like features. For this constant expansion, the ship’s engineers had to use materials salvaged from ruined coastal cities and shipwrecks, giving it a fairly chaotic overall look.