Anachrony – Leaders – Treasure Hunter Samira

2023. March 27.

Treasure Hunter Samira

Without any clear memories of her childhood, all Samira knows is that she was taken from the mainland at a very young age and was indoctrinated as a Treasure Hunter. How an outsider like her had been chosen to be part of the highest-regarded classes in the Echelon remained unclear to her and her fellow trainees.

Knowing that they envied and despised her only drove her to work twice as hard. Soon, her exceptional agility, endurance, and skill became apparent to everyone, and, slowly, her fellow Treasure Hunters' envy turned into admiration.

It wasn’t long until she took over the leadership of the Treasure Hunters’ class, at an exceptionally young age. Since then, she has led countless successful missions to the remnants of the Old World and she reports directly to Captain Wolfe.