Anachrony – Leaders – Shepherd Caratacus

2023. March 27.

Shepherd Caratacus

Caratacus is the male descendant of the Drokhaton Dynasty and thus, by tradition, the current Shepherd of the Path of Salvation. Besides preserving the Path’s strong relation to God, he has a strong sense of responsibility for the well-being and prosperity of Purgatory and its citizens.

Caratacus has devoted his life to researching Neutronium and time travel. Through this, he secretly developed a forward-looping technique that can open the Time Rift to an infinite number of potential futures. Because of his strong sense of responsibility, Caratacus is constantly visiting these futures in order to prepare for anything that could pose a threat to his people.

Due to the deep connection that he shares with his twin sister, Amena, that causes them to feel each other's emotions and pain and the stress of his research into the future, Caratacus suffers from repeated bouts of weakness. In order to work through these periods, he redesigned his staff into a working tool capable of replacing the functions of a second arm.