Anachrony – Leaders – Patron Valerian

2023. March 27.

Patron Valerian

Valerian was born with an unknown disease that later manifested into physical disabilities. Although he was unable to live a normal life, his unusually high intellect resulted in him being ostracized by the other kids.

Growing up, he began to realize what a gift his genius was, and, fueled by his dedication to correct his physical disabilities, Valerian devoted all of his time and energy to studying one of the most advanced technologies of the Path of Progress: genetic engineering. Within a few years, he became one of the elite scientists, called the Shapers, with the access to tools to not only heal his disabled body to but reach a new level in genetic engineering and finally find a way to enhance the capabilities of the human body beyond aesthetic corrections.

Today, Valerian is the Principal of the Shapers' Institue, working with his team of the Path's best scientists to perfect his technology of genetic enhancements.