Anachrony – Leaders – Librarian Cornella

2023. March 27.

Librarian Cornella

Cornella became obsessed with acquiring knowledge at a very young age, spending all of her time studying, researching, and experimenting, just to live up to the image her parents had painted of her. Her isolation from others in her pursuit of knowledge caused her social skills to degrade, which never bothered her as she found relationships to be a waste of time.

When Cornella decided to become a member of the Patron’s Court, she knew she had to gain support from the right people. She expanded her knowledge in psychology, sociology, and human behavior so that she could approach people of importance in a scientific way, earning their trust through manipulation.

Each well-calculated step of hers eventually led to her securing a place in the Patron’s Court as Chief Executive Librarian, obtaining unlimited access to all of the knowledge in the Path’s possession. Today, she leads all of the major projects in research and development, and she is both feared and admired for her stone-cold ambition.