Anachrony – Leaders – High Sunwalker Amena

2023. March 27.

High Sunwalker Amena

Twin Sister and second-in-command to Caratacus, Amena serves as the High Sunwalker to the Path of Salvation. She leads the Sunwalkers, the Path's most loyal and devout followers, on conversion missions to the surface and diplomatic missions to the World Council, where she is well-recognized and respected for her refined diplomatic skills.

Despite all of the years she has spent on missionary work, she believes that conversion may not be the only way to unite humanity under the banner of the Path of Salvation. Of course, she is still faithful to the Path and also wise enough to keep her views to herself.

In addition to her diplomatic skills, she is one of the Path’s most gifted and enthusiastic engineers. Even though her right arm had to be replaced with a mechanical one following an accident, she is still developing new models of the Pilgrim Exosuit.