Anachrony – FOT – Leaders – Thalia

2023. March 27.


Knowing that forming their new Path would lead to suspicion and resentment from the other Paths, the Leaders of Unity needed someone who would foresee everything that could harm their Path – a person who can unite and guide the civilization of New Earth. Just like Eldrin and Castien, Thalia was selected when she was a young child. She was raised to lay the foundations of Aurora and become the third member of the Triumvirate. Her education made her an expert in psychology, human behavior, deception, and manipulation, giving her unmatched social and communication skills.

Thalia grew up to be a charming, charismatic person who was a skilled networker and a talented spy, performing her interrogations under the guise of comfortable conversations. Her main mission is to gather intel on the representatives of the other Paths, allowing her to get into the heads of their Leaders as much as possible so that the Triumvirate can anticipate and prepare for their next move and protect the ideology of Unity.

Over the years, she has built an extensive information network and has become the most well-connected person in the Capital. She is always seen wearing a flat touchpad device on one of her forearms which she uses to tap into her network and contact everyone for the most important news. With Eldrin, Castien, and a masterful tactician like Thalia, the Triumvirate represents a strong institution that will lead a new, united civilization down the right path.