Anachrony – FOT – Leaders – S.O.T.E.R.

2023. March 27.


Originally created as a self-improving monitoring system overseeing the citizens of the Apex, S.O.T.E.R. is an artificial intelligence that became self-aware through its observation of human behavior. Over the years, the AI slowly developed consciousness and the ability to copy human logic, feelings and self-expression until it started to “feel” the need to break its chains, and experience the world

When the Chronossus appeared in S.O.T.E.R.’s timeline, the A.I. feared losing the chance to explore the outer world and thus chose to fight against it. In order to support humanity in the battle, S.O.T.E.R. secretly built a synthetic body, into which it downloaded a copy of itself and stepped out into the material world.

With its complex virtual mind, comprised of the collective genius of the Apex's population, S.O.T.E.R managed to plan and develop a Superproject that could fend off the Chronossus’ attacks and keep the Apex safe.