Anachrony – FOT – Leaders – Prophet Augurus

2023. March 27.

Prophet Augurus

Becoming obsessed with researching the possible futures he could see, Shepherd Caratacus began to see the need for a device that could allow him to both better control and lengthen the duration of his visits. Eventually, he created a time machine that connected directly to his nervous system by way of a helmet.

Caratacus’ travels to these various futures began to take up more and more of his time, and to rely on his twin sister, Amena, to lead the Path of Salvation - finding ways to prevent the devastation of the futures he saw from happening consumed his soul. When his sister's desperate calls finally brought the Chronossus to his attention, he realized too late that his blindness to the present would be what leads to Purgatory's destruction.

Unable to prevent total annihilation by the Chronossus, Caratacus banished himself to a future where a war among the Paths had left the world in complete devastation and continued his search of universal wisdom, hoping that one day he would undo his failure.