Anachrony – FOT – Leaders – Princess Zuriel

2023. March 27.

Princess Zuriel

In an alternate timeline’s war-torn future, where the peace among the Paths became fatally broken, the Path of Dominance invaded and eventually wiped out Wellspring off the face of New Earth. Countless lives were lost that day, including the current male Leader. However, Zuriel, the female Leader and daughter of Zaida and Haulani, managed to rescue the last of her people and the remains of the Neya plant from the warzone. 

When she headed back to look for more survivors, an aerial strike exploded near her, and Zuriel lost her legs and arms in the explosion. Miraculously, the dying princess was saved by the Neya plant itself; the symbiont took over her whole body, connected directly to her nervous system and grew new, plant-like limbs for her. This fusion greatly improved her agility and gave Neya the ability to completely and immediately take control of Zuriel's body whenever it sensed danger.

After Zuriel fully recovered and made sure the survivors were safe, she traveled back in time with the aim to preserve the peace and prevent the breakout of the war. When she appeared in her timeline’s past, she was surprised to see that the impending war was not a concern anymore. A new and even bigger menace emerged from beyond time, threatening her entire timeline’s existence in the form of the Chronossus.