Anachrony – FOT – Leaders – Indoctrinator Xenara

2023. March 27.

Indoctrinator Xenara

Indoctrinator Xenara was the head of the mysterious elite class, the Clairvoyants, keeping the strict hierarchy and the class-based system of the Atlantean in check. She was known as a very strong-willed and ingenious scientist whose main responsibility was to oversee the indoctrination of new “recruits” on the mothership, but she never made secret her leadership aspirations beyond her current role. Xenara often ignored the Captain's orders, and she even started to “create” her own personal army in secret, using an extraordinary potion she concocted...

On the day of the coup, however, she managed to take the Atlantean over without violence. She asked for a meeting with Captain Wolfe while the two armies waited outside for the order to attack each other; in the dim cabin, Xenara simply handed the indoctrination file of a young Treasure Hunter girl to Captain Wolfe and watched with satisfaction as his face darkened. There was no blood spilled that day, and it never became known to the people of the Path of Dominance why Captain Wolfe stood aside so easily. 

Naturally, not everyone embraced Xenara as the leader, so she once again had to turn to science and manipulation to stop a civil war onboard. Injecting the fresh water supply of the Atlantean with a mildly mind-altering serum, she managed to ultimately create the perfect society she had in mind. Now that she has come so far, she’s not going to let her universe get destroyed by the Chronossus.