Anachrony – FOT – Leaders – Eldrin

2023. March 27.


Sent back to the Day of Reminiscence to become the Triumvirate’s representative of reason, Eldrin has spent a lifetime obsessing over Fracture technology. Like the other Leaders of the Path of Unity, he was raised in the future with the sole purpose of leading the first generation of their Path.

His lack of a normal childhood has resulted in his complete dedication to the Path from a very early age, but a life spent with constant studying and a lack of healthy exercise made him physically frail and weak. To remedy this, he turned to science and developed various augmentations for himself, such as a head implant, which greatly expands his brain capacity; a synthetic eye; and cybernetically enhanced arms to ensure he can operate and lift heavy machinery when working alone on Fracture technology. His multiple body augmentations are the perfect example of the extent to which Eldrin believes he can become something greater than himself.

Eldrin is the brains of the Triumvirate, charged with the mastery of reason and is expected to put his logical prowess to good use in leading the followers of the Path of Unity.