Anachrony – FOT – Leaders – Castien

2023. March 27.


Castien was raised by the Operators in the Amethynia Valley, where he was treated as an outsider for years. Not one for fitting in, Castien soon stood out from the rest with his strength of both body and character. His tremendous tenacity and toughness allowed him to slowly build and sustain a reputation as the hardest-working member of the Valley. Once Castien’s impressive physical credentials became self-evident, he was selected by the Path of Unity’s future Leaders to become the brawn of the Triumvirate, its working soldier.

With a childhood spent in the Valley among Operators, Castien learned everything there is to know about the Fracture technology and was considered an expert in harvesting and processing Flux. The invaluable knowledge he brings from his time spent in the Valley combined with his steadfast character makes Castien of immense value to the Path of Unity’s mission of uniting all Paths as one.

With Castien's physical prowess and discipline, he was referred to as the "perfect soldier"- someone with the unwavering dedication to serve on Triumvirate and help guide the Path of Unity from the Day of Reminiscence onward.