Our Story

We (Viktor & Richard) started working on our first game, Trickerion back in 2012. It all started out as a fun project that wasn’t meant to be a commercial product at first, but as we were putting more and more work and enthusiasm into the game’s development, we eventually ended up with the crazy idea of self-publishing it with the help of the Kickstarter community. We felt that this would be agood opportunity to finally use our degrees in marketing for something that’s our own, and that our work experience in commercial and media fields could come in handy as well.

It took us nearly a year of development to realize that with an ambitious project like Trickerion, we won’t succeed unless we go full time. From the spring of 2014 our little group of three set up its HQ in a small office in the heart of Budapest to fulfill our dream and put a great game on the table of thousands.

At first, this formation was more like a workshop of creative people than a real company, since at that point, it was perfectly enough. The project was a labor of love for almost everyone involved, and fortunately that love went through to people all over the world who made Trickerion a reality.

Right before the successful Kickstarter campaign in 2015 forming a company was not only a legal must, but also our desire to start taking ourselves seriously as an indie board game publisher. We began to optimize the way we were functioning, and started out with a second project, Anachrony right after Trickerion was ready to print. As we understood that developing a game takes a huge amount of time, we decided to license a well-polished base mechanism and build our next project on it.

After more than a year of world building, development and playtesting, Anachrony hit Kickstarter in May 2016, and fortunately it was an even greater success than Trickerion.

With two titles under our belt, and our company’s increasing awareness, we are determined to continue on the path paved by Trickerion and Anachrony. We are keeping a close eye on the most recent market trends, especially Legacy games and immersive storytelling, and at this point we already have two new titles in the works.


Gameplay and Theme, Evolving Together – Our most important design philosophy is that the game’s theme and its mechanics have to evolve together. That is the best way to achieve what really matters - a coherent, immersive player experience. All mechanics in our games are heavily supported by the theme, and vice versa. This approach not only helps us create authentic and consistent games, but also enhances the creative process: sometimes all that’s needed for an interesting new mechanic to click into place is to imagine how it would work in the game’s world.

Creating Worlds, Not Just Games – For a truly immersive player experience, we believe our games needs not only a strong theme and fitting mechanisms, but also a solid backstory and characters. We always strive to create vivid, engaging worlds behind our games, well beyond what’s apparent from a quick look at the game or a read-through of the rulebook.

Innovative Approach to Crowdfunding – Our business model relies on crowdfunding for the initial print run, shipping and marketing of our games. We see it not only as a flexible funding model that’s pretty much tailor-made for tabletop gaming, but also as a great way to involve our backers into the evolution of our games and worlds. When it comes to crowdfunding campaigns, we have some strict principles, but in the same time we always aim to divert from the usual and try new ideas in our campaigns, such as the Path Goals in Anachrony.


Viktor Péter

Founder, Lead Game Designer

Richard Ámann

Founder, Creative Director

Villő Farkas

Art Director, Graphic Designer

Frigyes Schőberl

Community and project manager

Lacza Fejes

Lead Illustrator