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Worker placement with clever twists

Trickerion’s worker placement system is a clever combination of action programming and action point allocation. Each location in Magoria (the Downtown, the Market Row, the Workshop, the Theater, and the Dark Alley) has multiple worker spaces and several actions to choose from, each with its own action point cost. When you plan your worker placement in advance during the assignment phase, you only choose the locations you will send your workers to - you will take the action(s) only when you actually place your worker and spend its available action points. The amount of action points you get depends on the type of worker you’re placing, but also on your timing - getting to a location early awards bonus action points. It is highly unlikely to get completely locked out of a location due to the number of spaces, but the action point allocation system keeps the worker placement tense and interactive.

Multiple worker types

Behind every great magician, there is a great team. Trickerion features five different worker types, with various action point values and in-game bonuses.

Apprentices have only one action point but they are cheap and plentiful.

The Specialists (the Manager, the Engineer, and the Stage Assistant) each have two action points and bring something unique to your workshop: components, tricks, or even apprentices.

And finally, the one and only Magician, the star of your team! Not only do Magicians have three action points, but only they are able to occupy the Stage spaces and perform during the Performance phase. If they do, they take no actions during the round, so you have to choose wisely!

48 different magic tricks

Magic tricks are at the center of Trickerion’s gameplay. The game features 48 uniquely illustrated tricks in three complexity tiers most of which were inspired by the  performances of famous real-life magicians. Each trick represents one of the four schools of illusion: Mechanical, Optical, Escape, and Spiritual.

Trickerion’s core game flow consists of learning the basics of the tricks at the Downtown, obtaining the components they require from the Market Row, preparing them in the Workshop, and finally setting them up in the Theater for breathtaking shows in the Performance phase.

Climatic performances at the end of each round

Each round ends with the climatic Performance phase when each player with their magician on one of the stage slots can have one performance. Performances are prepared at the Theater location with a tile placement minigame and can consist of up to six individual tricks; it is even possible to participate in someone else’s performance as a guest performer. Well-prepared shows with quality Tricks can yield a huge amount of money, Fame and Trickerion shards to the performer. Pulling one off is a very satisfying experience!